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Wealth Was Not Only Material or Money


From the desk of Ir.DR.H.Rd.Lasmono Abdulrify Dyar ,DSI.,Ph.D.,Psy.

As a member of the ‘’ website of several years ago, Pak Las feels anxious about the Indonesian-wide existence of it. Your blog hasn’t been red so far by our members, because they were too busy to access this site or they could also be disappointed by the way the main aim has been developed.

This matter has to be thoroughly investigated why such situation could exist. As a matter of fact in the beginning there was a huge interest to ‘play the game’, but as time goes by not more then approximately ten thousand of participants were coming in, so that the initial goal couldn’t effectively be reached, wasn’t it?

The expectation was maybe too high to stimulate through just several products included the bonuses. Here I could see that the foundation should be re-investigated in order to enhance people’s interest and to re-manage it.

I could understand that our economical situation isn’t that brave. But to maintain a well managed interest in such an event is depending to the circumstances of a well performed contacting of each other to maintain the huge interest as such.

The goal to earn a lot of money isn’t the real aim in such a situation. We have to combine with another aim to be wealthy. Because wealth  isn’t based on material or money only. The principle lies in having a healthy situation of ‘Mind’ and ‘Body’.  In this category there’s  a lot of side elements that could be up dated so far and will attract huge interest. Could this idea be understood? I hope so because the situation of activities at this website is rather idle than could be expected in so many years.

Pak Las is working on a book that already has interest from a huge editor that at the time could be within this website. This will maybe take a one month period to be publicized. There after other books will evolve from this initial one.

Pak Las  hasn’t the intention to criticize as such but rather how to alter and develop the already existing organized idea how to enrich a lot of people with the expectation of a perfect ‘wealth’ who were curious to develop a certain income for the future, and then able to help others in this wealth, wasn’t it?

I feel ‘psychologically’ also obligated to put this idea forward to all of you without any desired wish to be the only one that could be of help in this situation of circumstances. Let us work together to change our performance to a well managed kind of business.

But the most important thing is how to control our ‘Mind-Set’ into a well established condition of said fact. Because to be true, the kind of problems that comes up unexpectedly could in fact be felt through our perfect using of the function of our ‘Right Brain Hemisphere’ that already has been ‘created’ by our Almighty. When this could be accepted and wisely percept by everybody, the chance to a successful outcome of activities could then be seen as the result of endurance and huge performance.

Pak Las is hoping for the best for all of us in this ‘New Year of 2011’.

All the best to all of you,


Ir.DR.H.Rd.Lasmono Abdulrify Dyar ,DSI.,Ph.D.,Psy.
Guru Besar dan Direktur Metode Silva Untuk Indonesia, yang berpusat di Laredo – Texas – United States of America
( Direktur/Lecturer Psychorientology wilayah Indonesia sejak 1983.)
Pengasuh kolom Magic Brain di INDOSIAR.COM

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